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The Lean Management Instituut is a nonprofit organization (stichting) with four main focuses; co-learning projects, education, events and publications with the goal to promote and spread Lean Thinking.

The institute has 18 employees and a large network of (international) lean experts & thought leaders and helps companies and organizations worldwide. Although active in a wide range of sectors and industries, the institute is within LGN one of the most experienced institutes within government & social services.


René Aernoudts



Drs. René Aernoudts heads the Dutch Lean Management Instituut in Zeist, The Netherlands, which he founded in February 2004. Before founding the institute René was one of the managing directors of a consulting firm for almost 8 years, specializing in Lean. After graduating at Erasmus University in Rotterdam he became a lecturer at two Business Schools. He then worked in Logistics at the Flower Auction before starting his consulting career.

René Aernoudts assisted over 120 companies in their Lean journey, both in manufacturing, process and service organizations, and together with his team at LMI he published books on Lean in Dutch and he runs Lean summits, workshops and projects for Dutch and international organizations all over the world. René is one of the four members of the Executive Committee of the Lean Global Network, European Regional leader and leads several international projects. He is the founder of http://www.planet-lean.com. Planet Lean is the official online publication of Lean Global Network, launched in February 2014 with the aim to share the knowledge on lean thinking and practice gained by LGN’s institutes around the world, their partners and customers.