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Since 2002 when the Lean Institute of Turkey (LIT) was established to support organizations fulfill their vision and targets in an ever increasing globalized world, the results achieved make us proud and fill us with more zest to continue help companies grow their strategic potential not only in Turkey but in the Russian Federation, Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and the Balkan area as part of the Lean Global Network, a network of 17 specialized institutes on the Lean philosophy and methodology.

As we believe that businesses fuel national economies, we are interested in Leadership, Sustainable growth, Stakeholder satisfaction and Environmental responsibility, bringing in the best of methods in collaboration with Universities, Trade Chambers, Associations and NGO’s.

There are more than 60 different training seminars and workshops which tackle every business dimension like Logistics, Production Management, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, New Product Development, Production Engineering, Energy Efficiency and Maintenance as well as Retailing, Marketing & Sales, Human Resource Management, Dealer/Store Management and Strategic Planning, aiming to diffuse knowledge and skills for World Class Competitive Firms.

Lean Applications have already proved their effectiveness in Construction, Industrial Production, Ship building, Mining, Agriculture and Retail with a new entry, the Health Care sector experiencing the benefits of Lean with a major University Hospital Project yielding exceptional results.

You will find that there are 16 books on Lean Management and Lean Methods translated into Turkish, the last book being published (2013) the ‘Toyota Way to Lean Leadership’

LIT collaborates with three organizations in Japan specializing in new engineering and production methods offering you the most contemporary know-how for your business: TEC Toyota Engineering Corp., Japanese HIDA (former AOTS), JIPM-S (after merging, it is JMAC)


Yalcın Ipbuken



Founder and President of the Turkish Lean Institute since 2002. Turkish Lean Institute is part of the Lean Global Network www.leanglobal.org

Presently and personally engage in business and relation development and new knowledge creation amongst other Daily management activities. Also actively engaged in government and official bodies, regional relation and business development activities.

In these days is engaged in Understanding Customer Value Proposition, Innovation, Business Model Development.

Lean Healthcare & Lean Hospital, Lean Construction, Lean Agriculture & Agrobusiness are the areas to develop.

Ipbuken engaged in the Lean Movement since early 1990s after reading The Machine That Changed the World and Lean Thinking. Organized the first Lean Summit in İstanbul in 1998 and met Jim Womack and Daniel Jones during the Summit. Invited by James Womack to  establish Lean Institute after his retirement from the Professional Life in 2001.

Ipbuken has worked 30 long years at the Koç Holding Group, the biggest Holding group in Turkey. First 12 years as Human Resource Manager at the Koc Fiat Automobile Company, Tofaş. Export and Import at Trading Company Kofisa. Later Organization & Method Coordinator at the Holding Level helping companies in their transformation to new European Customs Union Challenged. Was instrumental in designing and leading Koç 2000 Customer & Quality Orgnted Management lasted 6 years. There met first with Lean Movement and Toyota Production System.

As the last duty was the first General Manager of İDEA Consulting and Management Company to served the Koc Group Companies and Suppliers & Dealers as well.

After the retirement started İpbüken Consulting & Teaching Company and started Lean Institute Turkey.

Cevdet Özdoğan

Senior Consultant and Vice President


Cevdet Özdoğan was worked in almost all disciplines from product development to order fulfillment at different culture and working environments which all in automotive industry and gained deep expertise and understanding in Toyota Production System knowledge and applications.

After 27 years of experience; he became a consultant at Lean Institute Turkey, from 2009 to now. Consultancy on Lean management, Lean production, TPM and product development, strategic planning and Hoshin Kanri, target costing and cost management. His  relation with Lean Institute starts from 2002 and he is one of the first Board Members. Currently he is a member of board and vice president responsible from consultancy.

Cevdet Özdoğan is graduated from İstanbul Technical University, Mechanical Engineering, and İstanbul University, Business Administration. He was started his working life as Design Supervisor in Engineering Department at Chrysler Kamyon İmalatçıları A.Ş. Then he worked for Toyota, Ford Otosan, Uzel Makina, Otoyol and Karsan.

Cevdet Özdoğan has various qualifications about industry. He was experienced in various functions of a company as responsible such as product development, production, maintenance, quality, logistic, investment, purchasing. Good knowledge about financial, product and production costing, marketing and HR activities. High experience in lean production and product development techniques and applications. Toyota Production System philosophy and culture is trained by Toyota and expertised by real successful applications in Toyota plant as well. All experience realized in automotive industry with a close working with different nations and cultures such as British, American, Japanese and Italians. Continuously looking for self development opportunities and challenges.

He interest with travelling especially by driving and reading books mainly about history, business and management.

Hakan Akgül

Board Member


After 16 years of Sales and Marketing professional career in automotive and farm tractor business in Western/Modern management type of companies, he met Lean Thinking thanks to President Yalçın İpbüken.

Then, he decided to challenge himself to learn a new way of acting, thinking, life and business view.

Meantime, he started to work for Turkish Lean Institute (LIT).

He is a board member in LIT. He also works in the HQ, gets in touch with Ministries and also on demand he serves as an advisor for companies.

He is interested in sales, leadership, marketing, strategy, antropology, business model creation and value proposition. He loves to observe, communicate and try to understand people.

He is a continuous learner.

Ülkü Kulaç

General Secretary


Ulku Kulac is one of the founders of Turkish Lean Institute and current management board member. She serves as trainer and coach for the clients of Lean Institute.

She led lean transformation efforts of more than 50 companies, from different industrial sectors, such as automotive, textile, food, metal works, pharmaceuticals, logistics, healthcare, services and dealers network. Most of the projects she took part, include product development processes, supply chain operations, warehouse management, support functions besides production/operations. She also directs Lean Healthcare projects.

She also has responsibility as internal trainer within Lean Institute, develops new training programs and road map for new areas. She frequently speaks in congresses and seminars in Turkey and abroad, to contribute dissemination of lean principles. She also has experience in working abroad, Russia, Romania and Kosovo, which gave her flexibility in different cultural environments.

Ulku Kulac is graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Electronics Engineering, and completed Executive MBA Program at Koc University. She developed her lean knowledge with training programs in USA and UK, as well as implementation experience along her professional life.

Ulku Kulac started her working life as Quality Engineer in 1982. She was responsible of establishing quality standards, test and inspection methods, training of workers and technicians. Then worked for Alcatel and Beko Elektronik as the Chief Process Engineer, responsible for design of production processes, productivity improvement and production machinery investments.

After 15 years in electronic manufacturing industry, for two years she worked in information technology area, as project manager and development manager.

Nezih Soydan

Co-founder and Vice President


Nezih Soydan is the co-founder and vice president of the Lean Institute-Turkey. He is an Industrial Engineer and also holds a Master of Science Degree (MSc) in Industrial Engineering from the Bosphorus University, Istanbul.

Nezih has been involved in lean since 1992, where he started his professional career in Koç Group headquarter. As an organization and method specialist, he assisted Koç Group companies in several projects about productivity improvement, process improvement, re-organization and production management. Then he joined, newly founded Idea Company with the team members from Koç Group headquarter in 1997 and started to focus more on Lean to learn and help his customers to implement it.

Nezih joined a training program in Japan in 1998 on Japanese Manufacturing Systems for a month. He also held a “Kaizen - Train The Trainer” certificate and assisted several Kaizen Breakthrough workshops.

Since 2002, he assisted over 60 companies in their lean transformation journey as a vice-president and consultant of Lean Institute-Turkey. Nezih has also developed and introduced several Lean Seminars on lean tools and methods.