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Lean Institute Bulgaria

Lean Institute Bulgaria was established in 2014 with the purpose of creating lean awareness in Eastern Europe. So far we have organized more than 20 events and we continue to spread lean across all industries from production and service to software development and supporting activities. Another part of our portfolio is book translation. We strive […]

Vasil Petrov

Vasil Petrov is founder and president of Lean Institute Bulgaria. He has a bachelor degree in Business Administration and MBA degree from UASF conducted in Germany, Australia and India. Vasil has extensive consulting experience (e.g. Porsche Consulting) and has participated and led multiple projects in various industries worldwide including the UK, US, Germany, and Iran. […]

LEAN Healthcare Summit

LEAN Healthcare Summit

Lean Institute Colombia

Lean Institute Colombia (LIC) has the mission to expand lean thinking to improve the competitiveness of companies by creating value for customers through developing the capability of people. We help all sectors implement the lean transformation framework through company projects, workshops, training, publications, books, and research. We strive to improve the social, environmental, and economic […]

Angélica Gutiérrez

Angelica Gutiérrez has more than 16 years of experience in human resources and business administration in Colombia and Brazil. For 10 years she has been bringing lean thinking to human resources to make companies more capable of evolving to meet ever-changing market needs.

Juan David Ruiz Valencia

Juan Ruiz has a masters in Global Business Administration (MBA) from Universitat de Barcelona and a degree in industrial engineering from Universidad Javeriana. He has 14 years of multicultural experience in operations management and strategy. He has helped companies across a variety of industries improve their performance including education, manufacturing, agrobusiness, retail, and logistics.

Lean Mining Institute

The Lean Mining® Institute (LMI) is a Non-for-Profit organization devoted to transforming the global mining and metals industry through the application of Lean Thinking (primarily, but not limited to). The LMI is an industry-specific, global institute that is part of the Lean Institute of Canada and the Lean Global Network. Leveraging 25 years of experimentation […]

Lean Academy Botswana

Lean Management has been used in Botswana at Halfway Toyota Ngami for the last 5 years with substantial success. These successes have been recognised by the Government of Botswana and the community that Halfway Toyota operates in. To provide access to the same assistance Ngami has received it was decided that an academy be registered […]

Sharon Visser

Sharon Visser grew up in Botswana. She has 5 years of successful Lean implementation leadership at Halfway Toyota Ngami under the coaching of Dave Brunt and Terry O’Donoghue. She presented at Lean Summit UK in 2016 and at Botswana Productivity in February 2017. She created a partnership with the University of Botswana to send engineering […]

Jean Francois Gaudette

Jean-Francois Gaudette specializes in improving overall organizations performance through effective implementation of lean. He has supported organizations in the public and private sectors implementing lean in Canada, United States, Mexico, as well as Europe and Australia. He was also lecturer for several organizations such as MDEIE (Quebec economical and industry Ministry) and CVPAC (healthcare) in […]