Marek Piatkowski

Marek is a Management Consultant specializing in improving overall operational efficiencies through the effective implementation of Toyota Production System (TPS) / Lean Transformation.

Marek’s initial knowledge and expertise of TPS / Lean Transformation tools, methodologies and practices comes from working for Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Cambridge, Ontario.  In 1987 Marek was hired as a number seven employee of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) as an Education and Training manager.

He was a member of the Start-Up Management Team responsible for starting the operation, recruiting new employees (Team Members), development and implementation of all training activities, development of company policies, equipment installation and start-up of production.  Following a successful start-up of the company Marek was involved in a development and education of Toyota Suppliers, internal and external Continuous Improvement activities (Kaizen), launching a new model vehicle and promotion of Toyota Production System.

In 1994 Marek entered a field of consulting helping companies with a process of Lean Transformation.  Since then he has worked with numerous operations in North, Central and South America, Asia and Europe where he has a proven track record of successful implementation of TPS/Lean Transformation.  His clients include companies in the automotive industry, aerospace, healthcare, medical devices, appliances, furniture, consumer goods, food industry, service industry, packaging, plastics, glass, rubber, personal computers and electronics.

In his work he has proven that Lean is not a trend or a movement.  Lean is a collection of tools, methodologies, techniques and processes, that when implemented correctly and in the right sequence, will generate measurable results, help companies reduce costs and improve overall operational efficiency and On-Time Deliveries.

TPS / Lean is a Management System.  Any company venturing into a Lean Journey must consider not only changes to their equipment, manufacturing and Supply Chain management practices, but also a review their management practices and most likely modify their organizational structure.  As a part of his experience in implementing Lean Marek also emphasizes the organizational development and training process to achieve the business objectives and benefits that are requisite of the above improvement processes.

Marek graduated from Systems Design Engineering from University of Waterloo, Ontario in 1977.  Prior to joining Toyota, he worked in the electronic industry.  He is a Faculty Associate of Jim Womack’s Lean Enterprise Institute.  He resides in Toronto, Canada.