1st LEC Lean Healthcare Forum

The first LEC Lean Healthcare Forum will be taken place on Nov. 20-21, 2015 in the Guang Dong Chinese Medicine Hospital at Guang Zhou, China. The Forum is co-sponsored by Guang Dong Provincial Healthcare & Economy Association, Guang Dong Chinese Medicine Hospital and Lean Enterprise China (LEC).

The purpose of the Forum is to introduce lean healthcare concept and practice to Chinese hospitals and lean healthcare practitioners. We have invited a cast of hospital top management and healthcare experts including Dr. Chen, the President of Guang Dong Chinese Medicine Hospital; Dr. Wu, the Vice President of of Nan Fang Hospital; Dr. Belinda Zhang, the Senior Manager of Johns Hopkins Hospital, Ms. Shen, the Laboratory Director of En Ze Hospital; Dr. Ms. Maxine Fu, McKinsey China and Marcus Chao from Lean Enterprise China.

The one of a half day event includes a half day hospital gemba walk and one full day conference with presentations and round table discussion. We hope the Forum will provide a platform for Chinese practitioners to learn and share lean practice in Chinese hospitals.

LEC will also present the first tier green belt lean healthcare certificates to a group of lean healthcare practitioners at the Forum. These candidates have passed a 40 credit hour courses and examinations. On top of that, each one of them have completed or led a lean improvement project that will be reviewed and certified by a panel of lean experts.

The Forum will be focused to Chinese lean healthcare professionals; therefore, the conference language will be Chinese. Any questions, please contact Mr. Ken Liu at ken.liu@leanchina.org