2015 Lean Transformation Summit

Lean transformations are not easy, the road is long, and unending if done correctly. Keeping your battery charged and your team excited about the changes is not only a difficult job but perhaps one that is forgotten at times.
It is this challenge that LEI’s Lean Transformation Summit is built to counteract. Each year we bring outstanding examples of lean in a variety of industries at different points in their lean journeys from manufacturing, to healthcare, to services. They share their successes, their failures, and how lean has made things better.
In addition, we also give the lean community a chance to learn and share through offering compelling Learning Sessions, based upon struggles we see every day. In fact many companies use our annual summit as part of their training regime.
All of the presentations also focus on “What can you do Monday?” The purpose of our summit is to give you the knowledge to take back to your organization and experiment; it’s how you can take something you’ve heard and turn it into something you’ve learned.