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Room 406, L2A Hongqiao World Center, 1588 Zhuguang Road, Shanghai, China
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LEC was established in 2005 by Dr. Marcus Chao to promote and educate Lean Thinking in China. Our office is located in Shanghai.  

Our Missions:

  • Establish a Lean knowledge platform to promote and educate Lean Thinking in Greater China
  • Help companies implement lean transformation
  • Support Government and NGO to apply Lean Thinking to feedback society, and develop future lean leadership in China

Our Specialty and Advantage:

  • Network with global resources to provide advanced lean knowledge and applications in China
  • A team of Chinese lean practitioners with local and international business experiences
  • Provide lean training and workshops to help companies for lean transformation
  • Learning and sharing from each other
  • A not-for- profit organization

Our Services:

  • LEC Global Summit:A two-day conference for learning and sharing lean implementation cases in China
  • LEC Book Store, books in Chinese and English:
    • Concept and introduction:
      • One Lean Day
      • Kaizen Express
    • Lean tools
      • Lean Lexicon
      • Learning To See
      • Creating Continuous Flow
      • Making Material Flow
      • Creating Level Pull
      • Seeing The Whole
      • Building a Lean Fulfillment System
    • Lean management:
      • The Gold Mine
      • Lean Manager
      • Lead with Respect
      • Managing to Learn
      • Gemba Walks
      • Getting the Right Things Done
    • Functional implementation:
      • On the Mend
      • Perfecting Patient Journeys
      • Toyota Product Development System
      • Lean Product & Process Development
      • Lean Implementation in China
      • Lean Implementation in China II
      • Lean Solutions
      • Study of TOYOTA Production System from Industrial Engineering Viewpoint
    • Electronic Courses: Five subjects in 12 units including introduction of Lean Thinking, Standardized Work, Visual Control and 5S, VSM, and TPM.
  • Provide “Lean Leadership” workshop and consultation to help enterprises in lean transformation
  • Lean Workshops – customize workshops per clients’ requirements
  • LEC Website and Wechat –a public knowledge platform for learning


Kebin Li

Vice President


Kebin Li worked at AstraZeneca as the Asia Pacific Regional Lean Lead person and GE Healthcare China organization. Through these years, he has built his Lean Thinking and application through hands-on work. His expertise includes lean maturity assessment, green field site lean design; he has also involved in the tasks of developing lean strategy and lean leadership for many years. He now serves as the Vice President of Lean Enterprise China. It is a part time voluntary job. Kebin works with Marcus to lead LEC’s business development and operations. He has contributed in the translation of “Lean Product and Process Development”, and one of the co-authors of “Lean Implementation in China II”.

Dr. Jeff Zhou

Vice President


Dr. Jeff Zhou is an Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering at Tong Ji University in Shanghai. He has worked many years in research, training and consultation of lean manufacturing and management in China in both manufacturing and service industries. Jeff has played an important leadership role in LEC since it was established in 2005. He now serves as the Vice President on a part time voluntary base to lead study and research of Lean Implementation in China. Dr. Zhou is the co-author of “How Galanz Became the Miracle of World Microwave Oven Industry” (2004). He is the lead translator of Lean Product and Process Development, The Lean Manager and Gemba Kaizen (2nd edition).

Marcus Chao



Dr. Marcus Chao is the Founder & CEO of Lean China Enterprise (LEC). Marcus has had over 30 year’s management experience in global 500 corporations. He has held many executive jobs at GM and Delphi in engineering, purchasing and management including GM Customer Director, Delphi China President (1995-2001) and Global Supplier Quality Director (2002-2005). Marcus’s expertise includes leadership, supply chain management, quality system, and lean transformation.

Marcus is committed to bring lean thinking and its best practice to China. He and his team has translated and published 23 lean books in China. He has organized 10 annual Lean Summits in Shanghai for learning and sharing. His effort has built a lean community in China.