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Jundos str. 35, Vilnius, Lithuania
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LEAN ACADEMY LITHUANIA founded in 2007 by Tadas Puksta with the mission to spread Lean thinking and acting and the way things are manufactured and services delivered across all sectors in the country.

Our experience started from manufacturing field. Since establishment we helped more than 50 companies from different business fields. Actually our team helps to conduct Lean transformation for manufacturing, biotechnology, construction, oil refining, warehouse, trading sector, food sector, electronics and government institutions.

Since that we have been translated several Lean books, conducted Lean conferences and seminars.

Last few years we focused on Lean transformation programs within companies. Together with our clients we learn how to apply Lean thinking and acting across different industries.

Lean Academy Lithuania joined Lean Global Network since May 2016.


Tadas Puksta



Founder of Lean Academy Lithuania.

Tadas Puksta started to practice Lean since 2003. Lean fundamentals he started to learn from Japanese sensei’s Hitoshi Taketa, Masuyuki Wada and Chihiro Nakao. For the past ten years he's been coaching owners, CEOs and managers of the companies on Lean transformation.

Personally Tadas leads few Lean Transformation programs in a largest company in Lithuania and abroad.

Tadas has experience in Furniture, Textile, Shipbuilding, Construction, Electronics, Banking, Biotechnology, Retail and other industries.