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Instituto Lean Chile is a non-profit organization, whose passion and motivation is to disseminate and implement Lean Thinking in Chilean industry and Spanish-speaking Latin America. We promote best management practices that help the welfare of companies, organizations, government and society. The institute's value proposition is to develop its clients capabilities to implement structured lean transformation with sustainable results in productivity, cost and quality.  It seeks to increase customer value through developing people. Instituto Lean Chile has experience implementing lean thinking in a variety of industries, including mining, services, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. Regardless of industry, the institute has focused on and been successful at developing people through improving the work, thereby increasing customer value.

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Daniel Salinas

Lean Project Manager

Daniel Salinas is an Industrial Civil Engineer with a degree in Operations Management from Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He has 10 years of experience in continuous improvement and operational excellence. He's well-versed in leading lean, TPM, and Six Sigma transformations. He has experience in Chile and New Zealand implementing lean  transformation across a variety of industries including: manufacturing, mining, and services. Regarding mining, he has worked successfully on mine areas, maintenance, geology, drilling, among others. He is skilled at leading work teams in developing and implementing transformation strategies

Rodrigo Calderon


Rodrigo Calderon is a civil engineer with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He has 17 years of experience successfully applying lean thinking in Chile and Peru. He's achieved business transformation reducing costs, delivery time, and improving quality by coaching sustainable use of lean thinking.  He is proficient in the application of technical tools such as value stream mapping and standardized work, while also capable in coaching leadership on organizational strategy and enabling a lean culture to create sustainable performance. As President of Instituto Lean Chile, he is responsible for the development and adaptation of lean capability across Latin America.