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Lean Enterprise Academy is a not for profit organisation. Our aim is to develop and disseminate knowledge of lean thinking and practice.

Lean Enterprise Academy (LEA) grew out of the MIT research team that was responsible for coining the term "lean" to describe the revolutionary production and management system they identified at Toyota. This was described in the landmark book "The Machine That Changed The World" by James P. Womack, Daniel T. Jones and Daniel Roos in 1990. Since that time there has been enormous demand for greater knowledge about lean thinking. It has spread across the globe and beyond other manufacturers to sectors such as construction, healthcare, FMCG, the public sector, services and supply chain.

We help organisations and individuals understand and implement lean thinking. We do this by working with you to define and address gaps in performance that need to be closed, developing both your capability to improve the flow of value to your customers and the problem solving ability of your people so that you can sustain the gains and continuously improve.

We have worked with pioneers on all kinds of business problems, big and small, in almost every type of organisation and lean thinking has always helped unlock levels of performance that weren’t possible through traditional management approaches. Ongoing performance improvement is only possible if you capture and build on the knowledge gained from implementation - the focus of our work is to build your internal capability to make changes and sustain them yourselves.

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David Brunt



David has been applying and researching lean since 1990. He manages activities at the Lean Enterprise Academy and helps firms making a lean transformation. He has worked with Daniel Jones since 1997. During that time he has been involved in both pioneering research into lean thinking and the practical implementation of lean practice.

He has walked, mapped, taught and coached lean in over 500 value streams across almost every conceivable environment - from manufacturing to service sectors in businesses such as steel production, vehicle and component assembly, FMCG, retailing, banking and financial services.

He spent over 3 ½ years as the Porsche Verbessrungs Process Manager (PVP – Porsche Improvement Process) at Porsche Cars GB and carried out work to develop lean in aftersales, used car processing and parts operations as well as conducting a number of other business process improvement projects at dealer and national sales company level. His work on lean dealer operations formed the basis for several chapters in James P. Womack and Daniel Jones’ book, "Lean Solutions" and led to him writing “Creating Lean Dealers – the lean route to satisfied customers, productive employees and profitable retailers” with John Kiff (2007.) He helps a growing number of dealers around the world successfully implement lean thinking and practice.

David has an MBA from Cardiff Business School where he specilaised in lean and supply chain management. In 2011 he contributed cases to the updated LEI workbook "Seeing the Whole Value Stream" by Dan Jones and Jim Womack (2011.)

Daniel T Jones



Daniel Jones' mission is to inspire, encourage and mentor executives to use lean thinking to solve their business problems. He co-authored the core books on lean and writes extensively to distill and share his research on the practice of lean.

He acts as an advisor to senior management on leading lean transformations, building lean management systems and designing lean value streams. He led many proof-of-concept projects in pioneering organisations to learn how lean can address new problems. He is a keynote speaker at in-company events, management meetings and public conferences.

He helped to spread lean thinking across the automotive industry and to aerospace, construction, retailing, consumer goods, services, healthcare and government in the UK and around the world. He founded the Lean Enterprise Academy in the UK and helped establish the Lean Global Network of 18 non-profit institutes to spread lean thinking around the world.