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The purpose of the Icelandic Lean Institute (ILI) is to promote lean thinking in Iceland. Lean has been rooting in Icelandic business environment for the past 10-15 years beginning in industry, then moving into services, and most recently entering the public sector. Although some initiatives have been made during this time to create a common platform for lean, no active initiative is currently ongoing with a firm focus on lean thinking.  Initiatives are few and far between. With the ILI we will create a strong focus on lean thinking in Iceland by assembling four lean thinkers together that will drive the ILI. The focus will be on offering organizations help with their lean journeys as well as arranging lean thinking activities (workshops and conferences) and create lean material in Icelandic. The idea is also to be able to offer Icelandic organizations an opportunity to connect to the global lean network to give them an opportunity to broaden their lean horizon. This way the ILI will create a two directional way of moving knowledge - both from the Lean Global Network to Iceland and vice versa.

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