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Since 2002 when the Lean Institute of Turkey (LIT) was established to support organizations fulfill their vision and targets in an ever increasing globalized world, the results achieved make us proud and fill us with more zest to continue help companies grow their strategic potential not only in Turkey but in the Russian Federation, Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and the Balkan area as part of the Lean Global Network, a network of 17 specialized institutes on the Lean philosophy and methodology.

As we believe that businesses fuel national economies, we are interested in Leadership, Sustainable growth, Stakeholder satisfaction and Environmental responsibility, bringing in the best of methods in collaboration with Universities, Trade Chambers, Associations and NGO’s.

There are more than 60 different training seminars and workshops which tackle every business dimension like Logistics, Production Management, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, New Product Development, Production Engineering, Energy Efficiency and Maintenance as well as Retailing, Marketing & Sales, Human Resource Management, Dealer/Store Management and Strategic Planning, aiming to diffuse knowledge and skills for World Class Competitive Firms.

Lean Applications have already proved their effectiveness in Construction, Industrial Production, Ship building, Mining, Agriculture and Retail with a new entry, the Health Care sector experiencing the benefits of Lean with a major University Hospital Project yielding exceptional results.

You will find that there are 16 books on Lean Management and Lean Methods translated into Turkish, the last book being published (2013) the ‘Toyota Way to Lean Leadership’

LIT collaborates with three organizations in Japan specializing in new engineering and production methods offering you the most contemporary know-how for your business: TEC Toyota Engineering Corp., Japanese HIDA (former AOTS), JIPM-S (after merging, it is JMAC)

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