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ul. "Kiril Peychinovich" 3-5, 1606 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
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Lean Institute Bulgaria was established in 2016 with the purpose of creating lean awareness in Eastern Europe. So far we have organized more than 20 major lean events in the country and we continue to spread lean across all industries from production and service to software development and supporting activities. The company is on the course of translating books about lean in Bulgarian, so that more people will have access in local language to the valuable knowledge provided by the LGN experts.

In 2017 the LIBG joined the Lean Global Network and is now part of one the largest teams of lean experts across the world. This is a great opportunity for Lean Institute Bulgaria and our customers to tap on the knowledge of more than 30 countries worldwide by exchanging simulations, best practices, success stories and experienced consultants with the right expertise for local projects.


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Vasil Petrov

Managing director of Lean Institute Bulgaria


Vasil Petrov is founder and managing director of Lean Institute Bulgaria. He has bachelor degree in Business Administration and MBA degree from University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt. Vasil has extensive consulting experience (e.g. Porsche Consulting) and has participated and led multiple projects in various industries worldwide (UK, US, Germany, etc.). Some of his knowledge areas are Sales, Production, Logistics, Back Office, Quality, IT, HR and other. Being responsible for the development of Lean Institute Bulgaria, Vasil is on a personal mission to make businesses successful and often acts as change manager to support colleagues in bringing the lean message across. He is a certified LSS Black belt with excellent track record of over 97% satisfied customers and training experience in three languages (English, German, Bulgarian).