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Successful companies and organizations stand out from the crowd - often with their agility to find new solutions to develop their operations and create new business. The ability to solve problems is the skill and courage to identify the main obstacles to development and to find and implement new solutions quickly. Problem solving is not a secret. The Lean philosophy is a way of thinking where the systematic development of problem-solving skills in organizations and staff is central to everything. It means a thorough and transparent evaluation of work community policies and their continuous improvement. The most important thing is not momentum, but a determined, continuous movement towards goals. The development of operations is a long-term, respectful and appreciative cooperation between all parties. You need both a desire to listen and space to present your own thoughts. The cornerstones of the Lean philosophy also include the courage to think more broadly than one’s own comfort zone. However, organizations do not change overnight, excessive hurry destroys even good intentions. The Finnish Lean Association wants to enable the development of the international competitiveness of Finnish companies towards the top of the world. Lean philosophy and lean principles are universal. They can be applied to all processes in an organization, regardless of industry. Welcome to develop the international competitiveness of Finnish society.

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