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Lean Association of Finland

Successful companies and organizations stand out from the crowd – often with their agility to find new solutions to develop their operations and create new business. The ability to solve problems is the skill and courage to identify the main obstacles to development and to find and implement new solutions quickly. Problem solving is not a secret. […]

Lean Institute Bulgaria

Lean Institute Bulgaria official logo

Lean Institute Bulgaria was established in 2016 with the purpose of creating lean awareness in Eastern Europe. So far we have organized more than 20 major lean events in the country and we continue to spread lean across all industries from production and service to software development and supporting activities. The company is on the […]

Lean Institute Argentina

Lean Institute Argentina is currently being incubated inside Instituto Modelo de Cardiologia Privado S.R.L. (IMC) a boutique institution in Córdoba Argentina with a strong focus on cardiovascular patients. Its leader, Dr. Javier Sala, received his M.D. degree and training in Cardiology in Córdoba Argentina. Being chief of residents, he moved to the US in August 2001 […]

Lean Institute Colombia

Lean Institute Colombia (LIC) has the mission to expand lean thinking to improve the competitiveness of companies by creating value for customers through developing the capability of people. We help all sectors implement the lean transformation framework through company projects, workshops, training, publications, books, and research. We strive to improve the social, environmental, and economic […]

Lean Academy Botswana

Lean Management has been used in Botswana at Halfway Toyota Ngami for the last 5 years with substantial success. These successes have been recognised by the Government of Botswana and the community that Halfway Toyota operates in. To provide access to the same assistance Ngami has received it was decided that an academy be registered […]

Lean Institute Slovakia

The Lean Institute Slovakia is made up of passionate lean thinkers, who were moved to make lean thinking the foundation of their professional lives. Begun in 2015 as a series of informal gatherings, the group became more formal. Eventually, the informal meetings turned formal and then formal meetings became conferences. The Lean Institute Slovakia is […]

Icelandic Lean Institute

The purpose of the Icelandic Lean Institute (ILI) is to promote lean thinking in Iceland. Lean has been rooting in Icelandic business environment for the past 10-15 years beginning in industry, then moving into services, and most recently entering the public sector. Although some initiatives have been made during this time to create a common […]

Prof. Dr. Christoph Roser is a blog by Prof. Dr. Christoph Roser on the different aspects of lean manufacturing and lean administration. The blog has a strong focus is on practicability, although some posts will also delve into theoretical details. This blog discusses the underlying fundamentals of the lean manufacturing approach as well as its specific tools. Many […]

Instituto Lean Chile

Instituto Lean Chile is a non-profit organization, whose passion and motivation is to disseminate and implement Lean Thinking in Chilean industry and Spanish-speaking Latin America. We promote best management practices that help the welfare of companies, organizations, government and society. The institute’s value proposition is to develop its clients capabilities to implement structured lean transformation […]

Lean Institute Canada

Lean Institute Canada The mission of the Lean Institute Canada is the advancement of Lean Thinking and Lean Practice across Canadian organizations through Knowledge Share, Collaboration, Publications, Training, Lean Consulting and Research.