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Lean Management Instituut

The Lean Management Instituut is a nonprofit organization (stichting) with four main focuses; co-learning projects, education, events and publications with the goal to promote and spread Lean Thinking. The institute has 18 employees and a large network of (international) lean experts & thought leaders and helps companies and organizations worldwide. Although active in a wide […]

Lean Enterprise Institute Polska

The Lean Enterprise Institute Polska (LEI Polska) was founded in 2006 with the main purpose to disseminate the principles and practices of Lean Thinking in companies and other organizations in Poland. Our mission is helping companies to pursue perfection and to develop best managers through the Lean Management philosophy. Our vision is to be the […]

Istituto Lean Management

Istituto Lean Management (ILM-It) is an Organization finalized to develop and share “Lean Thinking” knowledge and skills. It promotes and sustains Lean implementations all over Italy, working directly with individuals and Organizations, public and private. Its mission is contributing to the improvement of social and economic conditions of the Country, helping the organizations to improve […]

Israel Lean Enterprise

The Israel Lean Enterprise (ILE) will establish core training Lean introductory seminar aimed to educated, coach and train Lean transformation activists from the ILP and independent consultants who would like to become qualified Lean masters. ILE is focus its effort at the executive level with the aim to develop the global leaders. The institute is […]

Lean Enterprise Institute

Lean Enterprise Institute Hungary Logo

The Lean Enterprise Institute Hungary (LEIH) is a nonprofit research, education and publishing institute with the goal of making things better through Lean thinking and practice. Through co-learning partnerships with leading universities, companies and organizations across all sectors, we gather the best in Lean learning and share it with you. The institute was founded by […]

Institut Lean France

Institut Lean France (France Lean Institute) is an association of french Lean experts, contributing to the promotion of Lean in France through conferences, masterclasses, trainings and books (publication and sales). Major events organized by Institut Lean France are the Lean Summit in Lyon, every two years, and the european Lean IT Summit. But Institut Lean […]

Lean Enterprise China

Lean Enterprise Centre China Logo]

LEC was established in 2005 by Dr. Marcus Chao to promote and educate Lean Thinking in China. Our office is located in Shanghai.   Our Missions: Establish a Lean knowledge platform to promote and educate Lean Thinking in Greater China Help companies implement lean transformation Support Government and NGO to apply Lean Thinking to feedback […]

Lean Institute Brasil

The Lean Institute Brasil (LIB) was founded in 1998 by José Roberto Ferro as a non-profit organization and with the purpose of disseminating lean management in every sector of Brazilian society. Beginning with Manufacturing, it has expanded the lean implementation to diverse areas such as Healthcare, Logistics, Office, Marketing and Sales, Agribusiness, Construction, Human Resources, […]

Lean Enterprise Australia

Lean Academy Portugal

Lean Academy Portugal Logo

The Lean Academy Portugal is a nonprofit research, education and publishing LGN Affiliate with the goal of spreading Lean thinking and practice throughout the Portuguese community of professionals. Through several partnerships with leading Portuguese universities, companies and other non-profit organizations, we have created different ways to develop our community. Some examples are the: Lean Foundation […]