LGN institutes partner with private and public service companies and organizations to support their lean transformation journeys.

Typically learning partnerships consist of basic and advanced lean training, hands on learning through improvement projects, experimentation in new ways of thinking and acting, and coaching managers and leadership teams. Co-learning partnership programs involve collaborative learning and sharing among multiple organizations. Developing and sharing this knowledge supports our research mission as well as our goal to create and share the latest lean thinking via stories, publications and education programs to help make things better throughout the world.

Co-learning partnership stories

  • Do I need lean consultants?

    By: M. Jakubik & R. Kagan

    ARTICLE - Most organizations rely on the support of lean consultants to bring their transformations forward, but how can they make the most of their expertise and knowledge?

  • Building improvement

    By: Rene Aernoudts

    ARTICLE - Learn how the dutch construction company Dura Vermeer is successfully achieving a lean transformation.

  • A healing organization

    By: Cristina Fontcuberta Adalid

    ARTICLE - In the past three years, a healthcare organization near Barcelona has experienced a complete lean turnaround.

  • Growing pains

    By: Flavio Battaglia

    ARTICLE - Brazil-based outpatient cancer treatment center Instituto de Oncologia do Vale shares how they seamlessly spread its successful lean management system to new operations and facilities.