LGN institutes and partners have been active throughout Europe for over 15 years. Currently we have institutes in 8 countries – United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Poland and Hungary. We have close working relationships with lean practitioners, universities, and associations in Sweden, Finland, Portugal, and Germany to name a few examples. However, we recognize there is growing interest in the region for more lean knowledge and technical support.

Our goal for advancing lean thinking and practice throughout Europe is to identify like-minded lean thinkers and practitioners and facilitate connections and learning opportunities among interested companies, institutions and individuals. Our approach is to provide a unified and coordinated strategy to advance lean thinking in the region through selective education and awareness activities, as well as engage in co-learning projects and partnerships.

Our development activities in Europe are led by Rene Aernoudts of LMI Netherlands and Tomasz Koch of LEI Polska.

If you or your organization would like to learn more about our activities in Europe, please contact us at or reach out to Rene or Tomasz directly.