European Lean Product and Process Development Exchange in Paris, France

Lean Product Development in the digital age – April 25 and 26

The quest of our LPPDE Europe 2017 is about how we should adapt our product development processes and ways of working to enable the development of such complex systems in which hardware, firmware and software components are combined. The good news is that lean for physical product development and lean for software development, such as lean startup or agile/scrum, originate from the same source: lean thinking. Lean product development arms developers with the behaviors and tools that enable them to conquer more complex developments in shorter time already.

  • Do you want to learn how to apply lean thinking to your development process?
  • Do you want to discover how you could sharpen your ways of working to be better armed for the digital age?
  • Do you want to grow your understanding of the change management and leadership behaviors behind?

Pre- and Post-conference workshops to enrich your learning experience – April 24 and April 27

April 24 :

  • (Full day) Introduction to Lean Product Development by Norbert Majerus [Goodyear]
  • (Fulll day) Mission On Mars: a team based simulation teaching how to apply lean in your product development project! by Jitske van der Zwaag and Wil van Mil [Philips]
  • (Morning) Lean Scheduling by Suzanne van Egmond [Philips]
  • (Afternoon) Complexity Management by Michael Schiffer [Complexity Management Academy]

April 27 :

  • (Full day) Advanced Knowledge-Based Development by Ron Marsiglio and Bob Melvin [LPPDE and Teledyne Benthos]
  • (Morning) Kanban Method for Knowledge Work by Dimitar Karaivanov [Kanbanize]
  • (Morning) Set-Based Engineering in Practice by Cécile Roche & Luc Delamotte [Thales]
  • Cécile and Luc have built their experience on Set Based Engineering within Thales. In this half day workshop, they will provide you with hands-on insights that will help you to pilot and implement SBE in your own company.
  • (Afternoon) Trade-Off Curves by Göran Gustafsson [Chalmers University of Technology].

Location: Espaces Diderot, 10 rue Traversière, Paris 12th arrondissement, both for workshops and summit venue.