Lean Enterprise China

LEC was established in 2005 by Dr. Marcus Chao to promote and educate Lean Thinking in China. Our office is located in Shanghai.


Our Missions:

  • Establish a Lean knowledge platform to promote and educate Lean Thinking in Greater China
  • Help companies implement lean transformation
  • Support Government and NGO to apply Lean Thinking to feedback society, and develop future lean leadership in China

Our Specialty and Advantage:

  • Network with global resources to provide advanced lean knowledge and applications in China
  • A team of Chinese lean practitioners with local and international business experiences
  • Provide lean training and workshops to help companies for lean transformation
  • Learning and sharing from each other
  • A not-for- profit organization

Our Services:

  • LEC Global Summit:A two-day conference for learning and sharing lean implementation cases in China
  • LEC Book Store, books in Chinese and English:
    • Concept and introduction:
      • One Lean Day
      • Kaizen Express
    • Lean tools
      • Lean Lexicon
      • Learning To See
      • Creating Continuous Flow
      • Making Material Flow
      • Creating Level Pull
      • Seeing The Whole
      • Building a Lean Fulfillment System
    • Lean management:
      • The Gold Mine
      • Lean Manager
      • Lead with Respect
      • Managing to Learn
      • Gemba Walks
      • Getting the Right Things Done
    • Functional implementation:
      • On the Mend
      • Perfecting Patient Journeys
      • Toyota Product Development System
      • Lean Product & Process Development
      • Lean Implementation in China
      • Lean Implementation in China II
      • Lean Solutions
      • Study of TOYOTA Production System from Industrial Engineering Viewpoint
    • Electronic Courses: Five subjects in 12 units including introduction of Lean Thinking, Standardized Work, Visual Control and 5S, VSM, and TPM.
  • Provide “Lean Leadership” workshop and consultation to help enterprises in lean transformation
  • Lean Workshops – customize workshops per clients’ requirements
  • LEC Website and Wechat –a public knowledge platform for learning