Lean Enterprise Institute Polska

The Lean Enterprise Institute Polska (LEI Polska) was founded in 2006 with the main purpose to disseminate the principles and practices of Lean Thinking in companies and other organizations in Poland. Our mission is helping companies to pursue perfection and to develop best managers through the Lean Management philosophy. Our vision is to be the most effective partner in responding to business challenges using Lean Thinking.

LEI Polska is active in both manufacturing and service sectors offering: lean coaching/consulting projects, gemba based public Lean Workshop Program (1200 participants attend yearly), lean training program tailored to specific needs (3000 workers and managers trained each year), lean books published in Polish (www.leanbooks.pl), Lean Knowledge Portal www.lean.org.pl and Lean Management Conference (www.leankonf.pl) with over 400 participants attending in June each year. LEI Polska is also carrying out international research projects with several (mostly European) partners. Projects are co-financed by national or European Union research agencies including European Commission.

LEI Polska team consists of experienced coaches and consultants, former managers in manufacturing and service businesses with many years of managerial, coaching, teaching and consulting experience, all employed on a permanent basis. Thus our assistance in lean transformation process at our business partners can be comprehensive, involving numerous departments of the company and offering development programs for employees, supervisors, managers and executives.