Lean Gulf Institute

Since 2010, Lean Gulf Institute (LGI) is officially on a mission to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and forward moving entities in our global community through Lean. We do not function as a consulting firm – we coach teams to ask the right questions, address the right problems so those problems do not return, and deliver solutions that enterprises value. Our goal is not give you a fish, but to teach you how to fish. When we step back, you are able to continue with the cycles of improvement to grow, share and sustain your Lean journey.

We reach out to as many enterprises as possible to enhance the quality and safety of lives and workplaces while protecting and preserving our environment for future generations. We exist to develop local talent and encourage Lean application at work, home and anywhere there is a process; to create value, eliminate waste and enrich lives, enterprises and communities. We are passionate about what we do and it shows. This passion and drive is what sets us apart, as we share Lean Thinking in the Gulf and beyond, specifically addressing the needs and aspirations within the following countries (in alphabetical order):
– Bahrain
– Egypt
– Iran
– Iraq

– Jordan
– Lebanon
– Kuwait
– Oman
– Qatar
– Saudi Arabia
– United Arab Emirates

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