Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit

Each year Catalysis (formerly ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value) and the Lean Enterprise Institute team up to deliver a high caliber two day conference highlighting transformations in the healthcare industry. Attendees from the lean healthcare community around the world come to learn, share, and connect in an annual event that is highly value-added, and walk away with actionable ideas and new connections for the journey ahead. By attending this Summit, participants will learn from examples of care delivery redesign supported by results, examples of payment systems that reward patient value creation, and cases of business intelligence supporting performance transparency. Work of the Healthcare Value Network and the Clinical Business Intelligence Network organizations are brought to life in engaging, interactive sessions.

This year we will continue to discuss how focusing on delivery, transparency, and payment continue to be the underpinnings of a system of healthcare transformation, as outlined in the ThedaCare Center’s publication Management on the Mend.