Lean HR Summit 2018

The most valuable resource for an organization is its people. Lean thinking is based on the principle of ‘respect for people’. Every member of an organization should be part of improving the work and be provided the capability to improve that work. Respect for people means allowing them to realize their full potential.

Employees who are able to see problems should be able to solve problems. And through solving those problems is able to improve themselves, their workplace, and society. The purpose of leadership is to provide an environment of stability and development, so employees feel comfortable identifying problems and have the ability to solve them. How can we energize our workplace? How can we utilize our employees’ creativity?

Lean Institute Turkey will host a rich program complete with presentations and trainings for top executives in the sector. Join us for two days to learn how to pioneer development in this critical organizational function.

Dates and Location Information

  • Dates: December 3
  • Location: Bursa Hilton Convention Center - Istanbul, Turkey