Lean Institute Argentina

Lean Institute Argentina is currently being incubated inside Instituto Modelo de Cardiologia Privado S.R.L. (IMC) a boutique institution in Córdoba Argentina with a strong focus on cardiovascular patients. Its leader, Dr. Javier Sala, received his M.D. degree and training in Cardiology in Córdoba Argentina. Being chief of residents, he moved to the US in August 2001 as a Fulbright scholar and obtained his Ph.D. in Physiology at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA, in May 2005. Upon his return to Argentina after almost 11years in the US, he was appointed as the Vice COO and Vice CMO in May 2012 of IMC.

Under Dr. Sala’s leadership, IMC has become a model healthcare organization in Argentina. Lean Institute Argentina will incubate inside IMC, serving as a learning and training ground to expand the reach of lean thinking and practice in the country.