Lean Product and Process Development

As the understanding of Lean and its application to the entire enterprise has deepened, we have begun to provide resources to help organizations to perform core business tasks in new, more effective ways.
One of the most critical of these tasks is new product development. We are honored to be able to publish this book, Lean Product and Process Development by the late Allen Ward, one of the pioneers in the study and practice of Lean product development.
In this breakthrough text, Ward:
* Asks basic questions that drive at the fundamentals of product development.
* Observes the sources (a.k.a., “wastes”) of the most common maladies that plague many product development organizations.
* Distills what might be termed “cornerstones” from the practices of lean product developers, most notably Toyota and its partners, which differ remarkably from conventional practice.
* Uniquely melds observations of effective teamwork from his military background, engineering fundamentals from his education and personal experience, design methodology from his research, and theories about management, cognition, and learning from his understanding of history and interactions with clients.
* Carries the implications of his theories into specific, practical recommendations.
* Employs systems thinking in all aspects of thought and investigation