Lean Summit France 2016

Lean management offers outstanding results : demonstration at the upcoming Lean Summit France in Lyon on April 7 and 8

In 50 years, Toyota became the leader of a largely saturated market. Twice more profitable and four times more productive than the average automotive competition, yet deploying a management system that is respectful of both society and environment.  Clearly, Lean demonstrates outstanding results : why such a limited number of companies go for it ?

Lean companies outperform others : a survey on New York Stock Exchange show that they have a higher Buy and Hold Abnormal Return (BHAR) than comparable companies in the same area of activity. Another survey on 50 italian lean SMEs shows that they outperform their competitors in terms of % EBITDA vs turnover or Return on Capital, particularly when reaching 5 to 7 years of lean transformation.

Come and check the story of lean companies in France, at our Lean Summit in Lyon : CEOs and lean Officers will share their lean experience, success and difficulties, whether in industry, services, health or transportation, and discuss the benefits that their companies derive from Lean.

Daniel T Jones, co-author of « Lean Thinking » and « The machine that changed the world» will be the guest of honour.

The Lean Summit is also an opportunity to train and exchange with Lean experts : 3 masterclasses are proposed on April 6, ahead of the Summit, on pulled and leveled flows, lean engineering and lean in IT. Please note that the language of the summit will be french.