Nezih Soydan

Nezih Soydan is the co-founder and vice president of the Lean Institute-Turkey. He is an Industrial Engineer and also holds a Master of Science Degree (MSc) in Industrial Engineering from the Bosphorus University, Istanbul.

Nezih has been involved in lean since 1992, where he started his professional career in Koç Group headquarter. As an organization and method specialist, he assisted Koç Group companies in several projects about productivity improvement, process improvement, re-organization and production management. Then he joined, newly founded Idea Company with the team members from Koç Group headquarter in 1997 and started to focus more on Lean to learn and help his customers to implement it.

Nezih joined a training program in Japan in 1998 on Japanese Manufacturing Systems for a month. He also held a “Kaizen – Train The Trainer” certificate and assisted several Kaizen Breakthrough workshops.

Since 2002, he assisted over 60 companies in their lean transformation journey as a vice-president and consultant of Lean Institute-Turkey. Nezih has also developed and introduced several Lean Seminars on lean tools and methods.