Seeing the Wholeby Womack, James P. and Daniel T. Jones

For the tens of thousands of users of value-stream mapping at the facility level, Seeing the Whole provides the logical next step, extending the field of view all the way up and down the value stream. In this new action guide, Dan Jones and Jim Womack, co-authors of the best-selling Machine That Changed the World and Lean Thinking provide a management tool for identifying and removing waste along the entire value stream from raw materials to end customer. By identifying all the steps and time required to move a typical product from raw materials to finished goods, the authors show that nearly 90 percent of the actions and 99.99 percent of the time required for the value chain’s Current State create no value. In addition, the mapping method clearly shows demand amplification of orders as they travel up the value stream, steadily growing quality problems, and steadily deteriorating shipping performance at every point up stream from the customer. Applying the method to a realistic example, the authors show how four firms sharing a value stream can create a win-win-win-win future in which everyone, including the end consumer, can be better off. The mapping methodology takes managers step-by-step through an improvement process that converts the traditional value stream of isolated, compartmentalized operations into an ideal future-state value stream in which value flows from raw materials to customer in just 6 percent of the time previously neede

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