Seeing the Whole Value Streamby Dan Jones and , Jim Womack, with D. Brunt, M. Lovejoy

An expanded 2nd edition of the workbook Seeing the Whole In response to feedback asking for examples in other sectors and questions about how to understand costs more accurately, five essays have been added to the book for this new edition. These essays demonstrate how real companies have taken on the challenge of improving their extended value streams working in collaboration with their suppliers and customers. The new essays for the book are: - Spreading value-stream thinking from manufacturers to final customers through service providers—extending the wiper example. This extends the value-stream analysis in the first edition—using the same example of a windshield wiper—through the auto service system to the end customer. - Applying extended value-stream thinking to retail—a look at the Tesco story. This follows the path of an individual product through a complex retail channel from manufacturer to end customer. - Learning to use value-stream thinking collaboratively with suppliers and customers. This essay demonstrates how a second-tier supplier convinced much larger partners to embrace collaborative thinking about their shared value stream. - Product costing in value-stream analysis. An essay on adding realistic costing to value streams to more accurately understand total cost. - Seeing and configuring the global value stream. This essays shows how a manufacturer can analyze all of the value streams in a complex supply network When the first edition of Seeing the Whole was pu  Read More

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ISBN:- 0-9667843-5-9

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