While the Lean Global Network has a presence in six of the world’s continents and a virtual presence in most of the world’s countries via its online community, its leadership team recognizes that it needs to do a better job advancing lean thinking and practice. This involves expanding LGN’s presence into additional communities:

  1. Mature economies
  2. Emerging and underserved geographic markets
  3. New sectors, such as construction, mining, office
  4. New frontiers that serve social needs such as healthcare, education, public services, infrastructure investment, etc.

While still looking to support the development of new institutes, LGN is also developing growth strategies based on partnerships with local lean thought leaders and organizations that share both our mission and our point-of-view related to lean thinking, practice, and organizational transformation.

If you would like to learn more about how you can partner with LGN to inform and support the development of strategies in these regions or new sectors, please contact Matt Savas at msavas@lean.org.

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