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Planet Lean

Planet Lean is the official online magazine of the Lean Global Network and is an important source of knowledge for lean practitioners across all sectors. The magazine publishes stories of lean transformation and videos from practitioners to better share knowledge on lean thinking and practice. The resources are created by renowned lean gurus and are supported by all institutes in the Lean Global network. Find a sample of the resources from Planet Lean below. Access more content at planet-lean.com.

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  • Scrum: evolution and new frontiers

    By: Jeff Sutherland

    Jeff Sutherland, one of the inventors of scrum software development, on the evolution of this agile framework and its relationship with lean.

  • Kanban gets personal

    By: Jim Benson

    Overburdened? Visualizing tasks using a system called Personal Kanban can help better manage work and reduce stress, says Jim Benson.

  • Q&A: John Shook

    By: John Shook

    John Shook at the 2014 Lean Summit in Brazil and discusses innovation and the Lean Transformation Model.

  • Interview with Lean Founders

    By: D. Jones & J. Womack

    Dan Jones and Jim Womack, founding fathers of lean, discuss the history, evolution and future of Lean



  • John Shook
  • Jim Womack
  • Daniel Jones

John Y. Shook, Senior Advisor

In pioneering books such as Learning to See, Managing to Learn, and Kaizen Express John Shook has taken Lean Thinkers from the fundamentals of implementing lean business systems to new territory. Stay on top of this thought leader's latest ideas, insights, and tips by reading.

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James P. Womack, Founder and Senior Advisor

Jim Womack's efforts to spread Lean Thinking throughout the world led him to found the Lean Enterprise Institute. While he was the CEO and Chairman of LEI (Jim is currently the Senior Advisor of LEI), he wrote a very popular series of eletters about lean. These are those letters, please feel free to share them with your colleagues.

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Daniel Jones, Chairman

Daniel Jones' mission is to inspire, encourage and mentor executives to use lean thinking to solve their business problems. He co-authored the core books on lean and writes extensively to distil and share his research on the practice of lean. He acts as an advisor to senior management on leading lean transformations, building lean management systems and designing lean value streams.

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