UK Lean Summit 2016 – Learning Lean, Lean Learning

As part of our mission to help organisations with their Lean journeys the Lean Enterprise Academy is holding its annual UK Lean Summit at Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth, UK.

The purpose of the Summit is as follows:

  • To raise consciousness of the latest developments in Lean Thinking and Practice
  • To provide insight into practical ways to get started, deepen or enhance your Lean journey
  • To enable participants to build their own network of Lean Thinkers

We do this by:

  • Bringing together the best Lean practitioners and sensei in the Lean world for participants to learn from
  • Building time into the programme for participants to network
  • Providing a variety of learning situations – including pre-Summit workshops on leading edge topics, keynote talks, interactive learning sessions and panel discussions
  • Enabling groups from the same organisations to come to the Summit to learn together

Key questions for this year’s UK Lean Summit 

  • What are the best ways to learn Lean?
  • What is Lean learning?
  • How do you use Lean Transformation Framework (LTF) to transform your business?
  • What is the Lean approach to problem solving?
  • What are the alternative ways to implement Lean in my organisation?
  • What are the fundamentals required to develop a Lean organisation?
  • How do the best companies develop their strategies, gain consensus and turn them into action?
  • How do the best companies develop and coach leadership to build capability?
  • What can we learn from applying Lean across the economy? Examples from manufacturing, retail, service, FMCG, on-line, healthcare and the public sector.

This is a unique opportunity for the Lean Enterprise Academy’s community to come together.

Keynote Speakers Daniel T Jones, James P. Womack and Art Smalley

Presentations from 365 Cafe, Akzo Nobel, AutoTrader, BBC, Delphi, Halfway, Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Instituto Lean Management, Lean Enterprise Instituut, Milliken, Toyota UK, Toyota Europe, Zehnder,