Ülkü Kulaç

Ulku Kulac is one of the founders of Turkish Lean Institute and current management board member. She serves as trainer and coach for the clients of Lean Institute.

She led lean transformation efforts of more than 50 companies, from different industrial sectors, such as automotive, textile, food, metal works, pharmaceuticals, logistics, healthcare, services and dealers network. Most of the projects she took part, include product development processes, supply chain operations, warehouse management, support functions besides production/operations. She also directs Lean Healthcare projects.

She also has responsibility as internal trainer within Lean Institute, develops new training programs and road map for new areas. She frequently speaks in congresses and seminars in Turkey and abroad, to contribute dissemination of lean principles. She also has experience in working abroad, Russia, Romania and Kosovo, which gave her flexibility in different cultural environments.

Ulku Kulac is graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Electronics Engineering, and completed Executive MBA Program at Koc University. She developed her lean knowledge with training programs in USA and UK, as well as implementation experience along her professional life.

Ulku Kulac started her working life as Quality Engineer in 1982. She was responsible of establishing quality standards, test and inspection methods, training of workers and technicians. Then worked for Alcatel and Beko Elektronik as the Chief Process Engineer, responsible for design of production processes, productivity improvement and production machinery investments.

After 15 years in electronic manufacturing industry, for two years she worked in information technology area, as project manager and development manager.