Yalcın Ipbuken

Founder and President of the Turkish Lean Institute since 2002. Turkish Lean Institute is part of the Lean Global Network www.leanglobal.org

Presently and personally engage in business and relation development and new knowledge creation amongst other Daily management activities. Also actively engaged in government and official bodies, regional relation and business development activities.

In these days is engaged in Understanding Customer Value Proposition, Innovation, Business Model Development.

Lean Healthcare & Lean Hospital, Lean Construction, Lean Agriculture & Agrobusiness are the areas to develop.

Ipbuken engaged in the Lean Movement since early 1990s after reading The Machine That Changed the World and Lean Thinking. Organized the first Lean Summit in İstanbul in 1998 and met Jim Womack and Daniel Jones during the Summit. Invited by James Womack to  establish Lean Institute after his retirement from the Professional Life in 2001.

Ipbuken has worked 30 long years at the Koç Holding Group, the biggest Holding group in Turkey. First 12 years as Human Resource Manager at the Koc Fiat Automobile Company, Tofaş. Export and Import at Trading Company Kofisa. Later Organization & Method Coordinator at the Holding Level helping companies in their transformation to new European Customs Union Challenged. Was instrumental in designing and leading Koç 2000 Customer & Quality Orgnted Management lasted 6 years. There met first with Lean Movement and Toyota Production System.

As the last duty was the first General Manager of Ä°DEA Consulting and Management Company to served the Koc Group Companies and Suppliers & Dealers as well.

After the retirement started İpbüken Consulting & Teaching Company and started Lean Institute Turkey.